Sympathy and Love

Every other week, I try to create a new greeting card. I make many birthday cards, thank you cards, and thinking of you cards. But this last week, I had to make a sympathy card.

Sympathy cards are difficult. You can not be ebullient with them. You can not be colorful or bright or cheery. And they reason I know this? I remember those loved ones of my own who passed on. There was no happiness. It was sadness, tears, and many memories.

Well, this last month, my good friend’s father passed away. He was old. And he was not healthy; a recurrence of the cancer that had struck him earlier. But he was…I don’t know, there.

After about three weeks of suffering followed by three days of pain management, he passed away. And, yes, I know, it is better for him. He isn’t suffering anymore. He is in a better place. But that isn’t why his family is sad. It certainly wasn’t why I was sad at every family funeral I attended.

We are sad selfishly. And that is OK. We miss the people who aren’t here anymore. We miss their presence, even if it wasn’t an active one.

After the funeral and the cemetery, when things had died down, I called my friend. And she said that her mom and dad had recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.


That’s a long time to be with someone.

And that makes it so much harder.

I feel so sorry for my friend’s mom. I’m sure everything she does now just reminds her of  him. It can’t be easy. And a sympathy card can hardly make anyone feel better.

But I am sending her one. And I hope that it helps her a tiny bit.


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