Clear the Clothes Closet Clutter

I can hear you all groaning because that is what I did when it was time for me to tackle this project.

It was actually the sound I made every time I opened my closet door.

But I knew I had to clear stuff out because, I hate to admit it, stuff was going in and getting lost. And not my stuff.

Let me explain. In our house, when a child loses electronic privileges, the device gets taken from said child and placed in my clothes closet. Not just placed, actually. It is hidden.

This process was going very well until the children started directing me to the confiscated devices when I couldn’t find them in a hurry. That told me that a. I wasn’t being creative enough in my hiding places, and b. the kids were on to my regular stash locations.

Not good.

So the last time my son sneaked his device, I took it away and hid it.

NOT in one of my usual hiding places. I was soooooo creative.

And for six solid months, I was unable to find it. anywhere. in. my. closet.

So finally, after weeks of procrastinating, I bit the bullet and went through my closet.

I went through each shelf and finally put away my winter sweaters and pulled out my summer clothes.

I tried on each pair of pants, each pair of shorts, each shirt, and each skirt. And then I realistically, painfully, got rid of the ones that didn’t fit. And would not fit unless I time traveled back to before I bore children. Seriously. You can’t lose weight in your bones.

I discarded each pair of shoes that I was saving in the hope that I would be able to break in, despite the blisters on top of the blisters.

By the time I was done, I had two large bags of Goodwill donations (including some of my husbands old t-shirts and shoes).

And in the process, I found the long lost device.

And then hid it again! Somewhere he will never find it…

right beside my bed.


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