New Philosophy: Clear the Clutter

I was browsing through Pinterest when I saw an illustrated picture with the following saying;

Use it Up. Wear it Out. Make it Do or Do Without.

use it up

Usually, I would read something like this, admire the font and the background, and then move on.

But this time, it struck me. Hard.

You see, for the past year, while I have been exercising on the treadmill and stationary bike, I have been watching inspirational videos on YouTube. They are mostly from TedX and lately, they have been about clutter. Basically, the theory is that clutter in your home leads to stymied creativity and general unhappiness.

I didn’t believe this theory when I first saw it.

But then I started taking classes at university. And these classes were not easy. There was a ton of reading and writing and…deep thinking. I was physically swamped and mentally exhausted. And within two weeks, the cleaning schedule that we had adhered to in the house was (conveniently) forgotten by everyone. Stuff started piling up all over the house. The children’s rooms were swamplands of disgust. The kitchen cabinets that had been so organized (to me) were now teetering disasters waiting to happen.

I got more and more frustrated and finally, just overwhelmed. I kept asking why was this happening? Why was all this stuff not organized like before? Why couldn’t I keep on top of it? I threw my hands up in despair and managed to keep things together until finals.

After my last paper was turned in and I was able to collapse on the couch with a pad of paper and a pen, I figured it out.

We just had too much stuff.  It was exactly like those lecturers on TedX had said.

I couldn’t handle it and the rest of the family didn’t want to. The stuff that I thought was important for a happy life was not important to anyone else and it was just making me downright miserable.

So the very next day, I bought a new shovel and started working my way through the house.  I started going from closet to closet and cleaning stuff out. And I couldn’t believe what I found.

Four sets of sheets that had no fitted sheets! Two 9×13 baking pans, 1 muffin tin, and two frying pans that were too rusted to be used safely! Six extra pillows and 16 random pillow cases that were just hanging out in the back of the closet!

I attacked each closet and each area with gusto. I cleaned. I sorted. I bagged. I delivered to Goodwill. It was refreshing. It was freeing. It was amazing!

And my new rule is: If something comes in. Something has to go out.

Or maybe the new rule is: If it doesn’t have a home, it needs to go.

Or possibly it is: If we haven’t used the thing in over a year, maybe it’s time to let someone else use it, enjoy it, take it.

And that’s before I even start on my Craft Room of Creative Splendor and my dreaded Clothes Closet of Doom.

I’ll keep you updated on how that’s going! But in the meantime, feel the freedom for yourself. Start with one drawer or one spot on the counter or even one pocket of your purse. You’ll feel better…believe me!



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